What is Open Ink?

Open Ink is: Novel.

How many publishers do you know would be willing to take a chance on a good story with low marketability? How many of them would publish a beautifully written book if it doesn’t fit some current trend in books? Open Ink Press wants to change that. We are a press dedicated to publishing well-written, unique stories that span from romance to fantasy and sci-fi, to young adult and new adult, and beyond.

Open Ink is: Diverse.

Open Ink stands firm in the belief that as much as every story needs a reader, every reader needs a book that speaks to his/her/their particular world view. We are 100% committed to the publication and promotion of diverse stories from all walks of life.

Open Ink is: Inclusive.

All stories welcome. That’s it.

Open Ink is: Romance. Contemporary. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Young Adult. New Adult. Anthologies.

We publish books that run the gamut of good fiction. It’s amazing prose from even more amazing authors paired with the desire to get both out into the world and in front of readers.

So what is Open Ink? It’s the small press you’ve been waiting for.

Meet the People Behind Open Ink Press